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Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial

Mr. Venkat Ponnada Center Manager- Jio Infocomm Limited, Warangal, Telangana, India at Center Manager- Jio Infocomm Limited, Warangal, Telangana, India

Top Qualities

We have been a part of ups & Downs of Mr. Venkat Ponnada’s Professional Career. We have been Supportive & Handholding Him through the Tough times on managing his finances. We are Happy he’s well placed now & Now he’s Supporting us get more Connections with JIO. We Look forward to be a Part of his Good Times & Brighter Future.


Dated: 31 Aug 2013


Client Since: 2008

1: What Was The Best Thing About Our Association?
Answer: Team Sanghi is Patient Gives Time to Decide on Investment options.
2: What Was Something You Have Been Not Been Happy About Our Associaton?
Answer: Nothing as of now.
3: What Made You Buy From Us For The First Time?
Answer: Detailed Explanation by Team Sanghi which helped me Invest.
4: How Can We Make Our Relationship Stronger?
Answer: By Keeping In Touch with Team Sanghi.
5: What Changes Do You Advise To Make Our Team Better If Any?
Answer: Nothing as of now.
6: How Do You Want Us To Improve Our Service?
Answer: The Service has been upto to the mark no complaints.
7: Where Would U Like To See Our Association 10 Years From Now?
Answer: Would Like to See a Better Planned Future With the Guidance of Team Sanghi.
8: Feedback, If Any?
Answer: Its always been a Healthy, Positive & Motivating Interaction.
9: Rate-1-5(1being Excellent)
Answer: 1
10: What Was The Most Unique /Special Featur/Competetive Advantage About Our Association
Answer: Personal & Regular Touch Even in my Tough Times Proves That Sanghi Consultancy is a Relationship oriented organization.