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Why Mutual Funds

Why Mutual Funds
Qualities Description Do you Have? Does a MF have?
Investment Process A systematic method of selection of the scrips, with the synchronization of objective. ?? Yes
Infrastructure Technology, information at hand, statistical tools, research team, time etc. ?? Yes
Experience The experience of making investment decisions on a regular basis & experience of standing all the business/economy cycles. ?? Yes
Knowledge & Qualification Most Fund managers are professionally qualified. Moreover, their knowledge is assisted by a lot many support which they get in the form of their research team, study etc ?? Yes
Constant Monitoring Reviewing & analyzing your investment at every moment of time ?? Yes
  • Mutual Funds Industry in US vs. India
    • IN US the asset under management crosses $ 9 trillion (that is approx. Rs 378 lacs crores)
    • In India the Asset under management is around Rs.2 lacs crores
    Cleary Indicates the Fact that Indian Investors needs to be educated on the most accepted investment vehicle worldwide.
  • How does a Mutual Fund work in India?
  • Advantages of Mutual Funds
    • Portfolio Diversification
    • Professional Management
    • Reduction of risk
    • Reduction of transaction costs
    • Liquidity
    • Convenience and flexibility
    • Access to information
  • Why Equity Mutual Funds are successful?
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